The World of David Walliams: Mega-tastic Box Set(Full set of 10 books)

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Title: The World of David Walliams: Mega-tastic Box Set 10 volumes of David’s juvenile humor novels
Audience: 9-12 years old
Author: David Walliams
Publisher Name: HarperCollins Children’s Books
Publication time: 2018
Language: English
ISBN: 9780008284930
Product size: 12.9 x 13.2 x 19.8 cm
Packing: boxed
Number of pages: about 260 pages / volume x 10 volumes

The 10-book catalog contains:

1 Billionaire Boy 

2 Mr Stink 

3 The Boy in the Dress

4 Gangsta Granny 

5 Ratburger 

6 Demon Dentist 

7 Awful Auntie 

8 Grandpa’s Great Escape

9 The Midnight Gang 

10 Bad father


"David Juvenile Humor Novel Series" is written by David Williams, a popular contemporary British children's book writer. The illustrator of "The Great Fox Papa" and Quentin, a renowned illustrator in contemporary British children's literature A series of children's novels created by Blake and the famous British illustrator Tony Rose. Since the publication of this series of books, it has won numerous awards including the British People’s Book Award Children’s Book Award and the British "Times" Amanda Craig Children’s Book Award.

"David Juvenile Humor Novel Series" describes common characters and stories in the lives of children and teenagers. Exaggerated and deformed details will make you laugh and laugh, and stories of warm people will make you cry. This ingenious weaving of humorous and novel stories allows children to illuminate the soul, drive away the shadows of the soul, and relieve psychological pressure while enjoying life, destiny, wealth, and gender roles. It all reflects the author’s extraordinary life and creative wisdom. The rare novels of healing for children and children are the British "Classic Books for Family Education".

★"Roald Dahl Heir", a new masterpiece by the famous British children's literature writer David Williams
★Exquisite illustrations by Quentin Black, the painter of "The Great Fox Papa" and world-renowned illustrator
★Won the Red House Children's Book Award for Young Readers
★Won the British National Book Award Children's Book Award
★Won the British People's Book Award for Children's Literature
★Won the Annual Children's Book Award of The Times

sales exceeding 5 million

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