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"National Geographic" is the official journal of the National Geographic Society of the United States. It was published nine months after the founding of the National Geographic Society in 1888. Now National Geographic has become a well-known magazine in the world. The bright yellow border and laurel pattern on its cover have become its symbols, and these logos are also registered trademarks of National Geographic.

National Geographic can always provide us with shocking images, from nature, animals, to humanities, recording the beauty of survival in different regions, species, and cultures on this planet. Although the selection rate of nearly one in a thousand of National Geographic magazine seems harsh, a large number of excellent photographers and journalists full of ideals and romanticism were born here, and those works with soul and passion often represent a standard. In the eyes of most readers, National Geographic means scientific and quasi-official. It is more like an encyclopedia than just a magazine.

When you read a celebrity biography, you can learn from others' successful experience and failure.

Everyone has a reason for success, and so does failure.

When you read this type of book, you look at this person's entire life as a complete bystander. The so-called bystander clear, you can learn a lot from other people's experience, such as the attitude towards life, such as the method of solving problems and mentality, etc.

I prefer to read biographies of historical figures, because I prefer history. When you are reading this kind of book, you feel that your ability to solve the problems has been improved, and your ability to know people and things has improved

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