Mouse Reporter Traveling Through Time and Space, World History Series Geronimo Stilton 6 volumes in full color

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Travel through time and space with Geronimo, a mouse reporter, and learn world history while taking risks

Decoration: Hardcover/6 volumes
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Format: 19 x 13.5CM
Number of pages: 310 pages/book
Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic


Travel through time and space with Geronimo, the mouse reporter, and learn world history while taking risks!

Geronimo Stiliton (Mouse Reporter Series) uses the mouse Geronimo Stiliton as the protagonist to tell a series of thrilling, exciting and interesting travel adventures.

The Geronimo Stiliton series has won many awards such as the Publishing Creativity Award, the Andersen Award, and the Children's E-book Award. It is a set of excellent children's literature bridge books with a best-selling 86 million copies.Wonderful animations are broadcast in more than 90 countries around the world.

Geronimo Stiliton, the protagonist of the book, runs a best-selling newspaper. He has the knowledge and wisdom of a publisher, but he appears simple and honest because of his excessive emphasis on principle. Accompanied by many partners, Geronimo has fallen into mysterious, terrifying or crazy travel adventures time and time again, and every trip allows young readers to learn many interesting humanities and scientific knowledge.

In this series of stories about the mouse reporter's time travel through the world history, young readers will have the opportunity to ride a time machine with Geronimo, travel back to the familiar and unfamiliar past, and start a new journey in time and space!

You will have the opportunity to appreciate the dinosaurs of the Jurassic era, the mammoth giants of the Ice Age; the splendid civilizations of Maya, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome; and meet great figures such as King Solomon, King Arthur, Genghis Khan, and Elizabeth. Wonderful and exciting adventure stories can firmly capture the children's attention!


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