DK The Science Book Encyclopedia of Human Thought

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Binding: hardcover
Author: DK
Painted by: DK
Format: 20.2 * 24.1cm
Number of pages: 352
Language: English
IS BN:9781409350156
Press: DKDK publishing house is an international famous publishing house and a famous brand of global visual reference books. Founded in 1974, its vision is to create books with both visual impact and rich information, so that readers can understand every theme. DK books are regarded as the life guide of continuous learning from birth to old age. Its popular science, encyclopedia, life and other books are all over the world.Encyclopedia of Science: did the universe originate from the big bang? Is light a wave or a particle, or both? Is human being the main cause of global warming? Is there a theory of everything that can explain everything? Science is like a beacon, under its guidance, we continue to create advanced technology, expand new areas of knowledge, understand our world, and explore the theoretical existence of the multiverse.


The language of Encyclopedia of science is easy to understand, the explanation is concise and penetrating, and more importantly, there are few obscure scientific terms. In the book, the complicated theories are disassembled one by one in the form of charts. The classic quotations let you engrave scientific discoveries in your mind, and the interesting illustrations will enhance your in-depth understanding of science. No matter how deep or shallow your understanding of science is, whether you are a student eager for knowledge or a scholar obsessed with research, this book will bring you unexpected inspiration.

DK Encyclopedia of science is one of DK encyclopedia series of human thoughts. The series is an encyclopedia series on the thoughts of all mankind, which is authorized by the famous DK publishing company and published by the electronic industry press. Based on the clues of people and events in various fields since ancient times, the series comprehensively interprets the thoughts of various disciplines, and is to understand the development process of human civilization. Whether you are not involved in a certain subject, or are interested in stepping into a certain field and developing in depth and breadth, or have become a professional, this series of books will give you wisdom and ideological inspiration. Reading this series of books is like talking to the great souls in human history, which makes you marvel and sigh. The comprehensive content, scientific and rigorous structure, accurate and detailed interpretation, full-color printing, easy to read style, exquisite illustrations and high-quality binding of the series all bring you a new reading experience. It is a set of classic books of Humanities and social sciences with great collection value.

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