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Decoration: Hardcover

Author: DK

Painter: DK

Format: 20.2*24.1CM

Number of pages: 352 pages

language: English

IS BN: 9780241205914

Publisher: DK

About the Author:

British DK Publishing House is an internationally renowned publishing house and a global brand of visual reference books. Founded in 1974, its vision is to create books that have both visual impact and rich information, so that readers can understand every topic. DK books are considered to be a life guide for continuous learning from birth to old age.


DK "Holmes Encyclopedia" who caused the "Bohemian Scandal"? Where is the "white-fronted lightning" hidden? What exactly is the "Baskerville Hound"? The book is like a magnifying glass. It explores every case done by Holmes in detail, and presents Conan Doyle's magical detective to readers. "Holmes Encyclopedia" is rich in exquisite illustrations, clear diagrams, and classic lines. This is a Sherlock Holmes guide, from "Dark Red Study" to "Shoscombe House", covering all the stories in the Detective Collection, and introducing more extensive background information. Whether you are exposed to Sherlock Holmes' skills and observation methods, or are already familiar with his incomparable deduction, this book will arouse your endless interest in reading.

Editor's Choice:

"Holmes Encyclopedia" not only explores the 56 short stories and 4 memorable long stories in the complete investigative case (the famous one is of course "The Hound of Baskerville", see pages 153-161), but also uses the detective himself in The method used in all cases, that is, the forensic perspective focuses on all the things that Holmes will pay attention to, including the author's own life and personality, as well as Conan Doyle's other works. "Holmes Encyclopedia" covers all aspects of Fu. Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating character written by Conan Doyle. This encyclopedia is a tribute to Holmes.

DK "Holmes Encyclopedia" is one of DK's "Encyclopedias of "Human Mind"". This series of books is an encyclopedia series published by the famous British DK Publishing Company authorized by the Electronic Industry Press to introduce the thought of all human beings. This series of books takes human figures and events in various fields from ancient times to the present as clues, comprehensively interprets the thoughts of various disciplines, and understands the development process of human civilization.

Whether you are not involved in a certain subject, or are interested in setting foot in a certain field and develop in depth and breadth, or have become a professional, this set of books will give you intellectual and ideological inspiration. Reading this set of books is like a dialogue with the great souls in human history. You will be amazed and moved. The book series includes all-encompassing content, scientific and rigorous structure, precise and meticulous interpretation, as well as full-color printing, easy-to-read writing style, exquisite illustrations, and high-quality binding. All of them will bring you a brand-new reading experience. Classic books on humanities and social sciences with collection value. This series is suitable for people over 10 years old to read.

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