DK Help Your Kids with series 3 volumes

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Quickly clarify concepts in English, mathematics, and science

Develop problem-solving skills


DK Help Your Kids with series 3 volumes
DK English Mathematics Science ClassroomAuthor: Carol Vorderman
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (June 3, 2013)
Paperback: 256 pages
Language: English
Product size: 19.7 x 1.8 x 23.6 cmWith vivid, full-color pictures and easy to understand explanations, we can correctly convey the basic concepts of mathematics and science to readers, and quickly clarify many concepts of English, mathematics and science!

The illustration is used to explain the monotonous content, so as to help readers understand it quickly and develop their practical problem-solving skills.

1. DK Help Your Kids with English    

Vivid and full-color pictures and easy to understand explanations convey the grammatical concepts of English correctly.
Carol vorderman's unique concise and intuitive step-by-step use of transparent, accessible pictures, charts and guides helps children seriously deal with all the English skills they need.

This book will cover all the important areas of English, including punctuation, grammar, spelling and communication skills.
Parents who want to help their children get more confident and perfect guidance, this is sure to be a very useful English learning guide.

2. DK Help Your Kids with Maths

Do your children feel scared when they hear "math"?

Do you find it difficult for you to understand children's mathematics textbooks?
"DK help your kids with math" will help every parent use the teaching method of love and interest to help their children build up their interest and self-confidence in learning mathematics!

The author of this book uses enlightening visual teaching skills, combined with vivid and colorful charts and illustrations that are not available in school textbooks, and each step of the operation process is supplemented by clear and easy to understand detailed explanation, so that mathematics is no longer just a cold number operation!
Through the innovative graphic teaching materials in this book, I believe that every parent can easily understand the content of the course, and then guide their children to work together to solve any tricky mathematical problems.

This book covers basic mathematics courses for Grades 1-9, from basic arithmetic to geometry, as well as algebra, statistics and probability.


3. DK Help Your Kids with Science

Do you have students at home who are suffering from natural science?

This book covers three major natural subjects: biology, chemistry and physics. To guide parents and children to understand natural science with well-designed learning guide. Full of exquisite charts and illustrations, interspersed with interesting scientific knowledge, and then with step-by-step instructions, to ensure easy understanding of natural science.

Carol Vorderman 

Cambridge University, a master's degree in mathematics and physics, has been the best-selling female writer on the non fiction list for the past decade. Carol loves mathematics and is full of enthusiasm for teaching. She knows how to explain mathematics in an interesting and easy to understand way. She founded an online mathematics school in 2010 , committed to guiding parents and children together in the field of mathematics to play to the greatest potential.

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