what's science/chemistry/biology/maths/physics all about 5 volumes

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The masterpiece of Usborne! [Usborne series: 5 necessary for Xueba]

Mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, science,

Paperback 96-288 pages, 5 copies

How they help to describe the world around us and learn some of the greatest mathematicians and their theories. The book covers a wide range of mathematical topics, including algebra, geometry, charts and statistics. Humorous illustrations add color to the history of mathematics and famous mathematicians!

[biology] wonderful new science, this book uses the way of dialogue. Provide rich information and interesting topics for children. Such as life cycle, human body, plant, evolution and ecosystem. Complex topics are interesting and satisfy children's curiosity through a variety of techniques.

[physics] this book introduces children what physics is, how it works, and why it is so important to life. Through humorous paintings, comics and charts, it elaborates on the themes of power, electricity and astronomy, which is very suitable for children's science popularization.

[chemistry] this book describes the chemistry of everyday life, from the decomposition of food to the chemistry of the atmosphere, and describes key topics such as the periodic table, atomic structure and radiation. This is an interesting book with excellent information!

[Science] discover the mysteries of the world and how it works --- from the smallest particles to the planets, this all inclusive scientific world published by usborn publishing house, UK, is full-color printing, interesting pictures, and concise explanation. It helps children understand science from biology, chemistry and physics, and use scientific concepts in a more effective way.

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