National Geographic Science of Everything: How Things Work in Our World【Hardcover 】

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"The 400-page hardcover book, although the size and weight are almost the same as the original book, but the writing style and the pictures in the book are very easy to understand!"-"Washington Post"

"Everything around us has a story to tell. This book is full of rich illustrations and modern knowledge to make learning science more interesting."


This book provides scientific answers to the laws of operation of many things for young readers. The content covers scientific fields such as mechanical principles, natural forces, matter and chemistry, biology and medicine, such as the working principle of remote control, how does it work, and when a car is started The working status of other parts... The language in the book is easy to understand, supplemented by hand photos provided by the National Geographic Society, to introduce complex and abstract scientific knowledge in a simple way, so that young readers can easily grasp the cool knowledge.

★Four fields, 16 chapters, break through difficult and boring scientific theories, and re-appreciate the magic of science

★Recommended by a science and technology columnist of the New York Times, the topics are explained separately, and the core points of science are grasped.

★Detailed explanations, with wonderful images, give people an immersive reading experience.

Suddenly realized surprise!

Break through difficult and boring theoretical sciences and experience the mysteries of everyday science

Is credit card related to magnetic field?

The violin is the same principle as the swimsuit?

Is shellac made from the back of insects?

The air conditioner does not increase the "coolness" in the room, but removes the heat?

The brightening detergent actually leaves a layer of fluorescent agent on the clothes?

All-encompassing themes, life sciences at your fingertips

The book is divided into four areas, with 16 chapters, covering science, technology, biology, chemistry to diet and health medicine, etc. The National Geographic Society comes to life around easily visible phenomena, and discusses related scientific laws from life phenomena. , So that science is no longer just boring words in textbooks, but interesting knowledge about your surroundings, popular science books suitable for all ages to read. Easy-to-understand text, wonderful pictures, connect life with science

This book is written by the New York Times technology columnist David. Bogo wrote the foreword, using plain text, from simple to deep, step by step editing, with wonderful photographic images and schematic diagrams, each chapter has scientific "principle description", "practical application", and "background knowledge" And "Further", to explain the common scientific principles in daily life for readers. The comprehensive narrative method of this book allows readers to fully understand. The book contains interesting new scientific knowledge, so that readers can easily integrate science with life. Reading through this book, you can also become a "scientist in life."

Re-experience the magic of science, life is full of surprises every day

Whether you read from start to finish, or just skip to the interesting part, after reading this book, you will definitely feel smarter, more able to appreciate the magic of everyday things, or more to say. Zui The important thing is that you will experience the magic of science again. From the moment you open the book, your life will be full of surprises!

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Book Information

Decoration: Hardcover

Author: National Geographic

Format: 25.5*20.2CM

Number of pages: 400 pages

language: English

IS BN: 9781426211683

Publisher: National Geographic

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